Summer Fishing Trips

A man with a spotted flounder caught on a near shore fishing charter

Summer is the peak time for Near Shore Reef fishing in Daytona Beach!

Summer brings warm Atlantic waters and schools of fish closer to shore than at any other time of the year. Schools of warm water loving fish and the creatures they feed on follow these warm waters into coastal habitats.

There’s no need to travel far offshore for great fishing in Daytona Beach during the summertime.  Florida’s extensive artificial reef systems are home to a fantastic variety of saltwater species.  These reefs, immensely popular with local anglers, begin just one mile off the Atlantic coast near Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach and Ponce Inlet. They consist primarily of discarded concrete structures such as bridge platforms and road barriers and even some purposely sank vessels. Over many years they have created thriving reef ecosystems with all types of sea life from tiny crustations to goliath groupers! 

While the reefs extend as far as 30 miles out to sea, reef dwelling species we love to catch move to reefs closer and closer to shore as the coastal waters warm up during the Florida spring and summer months.  Some of the fish we catch on nearshore reef fishing charters are Mangrove Snapper, Lane Snapper, Snook, Sea Bass, Weakfish, big adult Redfish and doormat sized Flounder.  The warm summer water also brings big Cobia, schools of Jack Crevalle and even many species of Sharks closer into nearshore coastal waters.

A Nearshore Reef Fishing trip with Captain Ron and Tightline Fishing Charters will take you to these rich artificial reefs located just 2 to 3 miles off Ponce Inlet.

A man with a bull redfish on a near shore fishing charter near Ponce Inlet

Ponce Inlet is the center of saltwater fishing in the entire Daytona Beach area.

Located just 10 miles south of Daytona Beach, Ponce Inlet is at the mouth of the Halifax River. The Halifax River runs through Daytona Beach as it flows south, parallel to the coast, before reaching Ponce Inlet.  Your Nearshore Reef Fishing Charter with Captain Ron begins on the Halifax River in Port Orange, just 6 miles from downtown Daytona Beach and 4 miles from Ponce Inlet and the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Less time traveling and more time fishing! A beautiful, brackish, coastal river, the Halifax is home to manatees and dolphins and is also part of the ICW (Intracoastal Wateway) system.  It’s a short 20 minute trip down the scenic Halifax River to Ponce Inlet and the sea.  Captain Ron’s favorite fishing spots for reef fishing are just 2 to 3 miles from Ponce Inlet.  Great fishing begins just minutes from launch.

Ponce Inlet is famous with fishing enthusiasts for the annual October Redfish Run where schools of huge adult bull Redfish enter Ponce Inlet each autumn to feed on schools of migrating mullet!
Learn more about the October Redfish Run.

For a fun and memorable fishing trip in the Atlantic Ocean contact Captain Ron to book your Daytona Beach Nearshore Reef Fishing Trip!

Families with kids are welcome on all fishing charters with Captain Ron!

A man with a shark on a Daytona Beach shark fishing trip

Summertime is Shark Fishing Time in Daytona Beach!

There’s nothing more thrilling for kids of all ages than the first time they catch a shark! Daytona Beach is the perfect place on your Florida vacation to get that first shark. Near shore, just beyond the breakers you can see from the beach, there are Black Tip Sharks, Spinner Sharks, Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks and Hammerheads.

For an exciting adventure the whole family will enjoy, contact Captain Ron to book your Daytona Beach Shark Fishing Trip!

Families with kids are welcome on all fishing charters with Captain Ron!

A child with his father holding a jack crevalle on a Daytona Beach inshore fishing trip

Inshore Fishing Charters are Available All Summer in Daytona Beach!

For a fun time fishing on the Halifax River contact Captain Ron about an Inshore Fishing Charter.  The river is beautiful and a great trip for beginners and those who prefer a more relaxed and scenic trip. Redfish, Flounder, Black Drum and Snook are among the favorite catches on an inshore river fishing trip.

For a fun and relaxed fishing trip on the beautiful Halifax River, contact Captain Ron to book your Daytona Beach Inshore Fishing Trip!

Families with kids are welcome on all fishing charters with Captain Ron!