Spring Fishing Trips

Springtime Fishing in Daytona Beach with Captain Ron Hatcher

Spring Arrives Early in Daytona Beach and So Do the Fish!  After a typical mild winter here in Daytona Beach where fishing is good all year round, the fishing really starts to heat up in the Spring. A lot of things are happening all at once in the Spring, just off the Daytona coast.  The chilly, windy, winter weather that stirs up a nasty chop on the waves offshore give way to absolutely perfect sunny days with mild breezes and smooth seas.

Big predator migratory species such as Cobia are heading north, passing near the shores of Daytona Beach as the water warms up along the Atlantic Coast.  And huge adult Black Drum, one of our favorite fish to encounter during the Spring months, are moving closer to shore to spawn.

Inshore Fishing in the Spring

Don’t overlook inshore fishing in Daytona Beach during the Spring. There are plenty of 3 – 5 pound Redfish, Flounder and Black Drum in the the Halifax River and the Intracoastal Waterway near Daytona Beach and in the connecting streams and estuaries.

On an inshore fishing charter with Captain Ron, you’ll be fishing these waters all the way to Ponce Inlet where they empty into the Atlantic Ocean. Big Sheepshead and Spanish Mackerel will be coming through the pass all Spring!

So whether it’s an Inshore or Nearshore Fishing Charter you’re looking for in Daytona Beach, book your private fishing trip with an expert guide, Captain Ron of Tightline Fishing Charters!

The Spring Drum Run!

Spring is the time to catch big Bull Black Drum!  Black Drum, cousin to the Red Drum (redfish) and the largest member of the Drum family, are spawning in the Spring, just off the shores of Daytona Beach. There are plenty to catch on the nearshore reefs just 3 – 4 miles from shore. Each Spring, Captain Ron of Tightline Fishing Charters makes runs out to these reefs where his angler guests can encounter adult Black Drum typically weighing up to 25 lbs.

Black Drum can get a lot larger, too! The Florida State record for a Black Drum is 96 pounds!
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Besides being a lot of fun to catch, Black Drum, especially those under 15 pounds, are very good to eat! With a daily bag limit of 5 per angler, that’s a lot of seafood in the cooler!
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Plenty More Fish on the Nearshore Reefs!

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Black Drum aren’t the only big drum on Daytona’s nearshore reefs. These reefs are also home to big bull Red Drum (redfish). Adult redfish spend their lives on these reefs, only entering nearby Ponce Inlet each Autumn to spawn. Redfish are perhaps the most popular game fish in all of Florida, certainly for inshore and nearshore fishing charters in Daytona Beach.
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Mangrove Snapper
Daytona’s Nearshore Reefs are year round habitat for Mangrove Snapper too! Mangrove Snapper are a lot of fun to catch, delicious to eat and plentiful, too. Mangrove Snapper season is open year round in Daytona Beach with a high daily bag limit.
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“Doormat” sized Flounder

Late Spring, beginning in May and through June, is the best time of year to catch big adult “doormat” sized flounder. Like Mangrove Snapper, flounder are plentiful with a high daily bag limit, and a lot of fun to catch. There’s also no maximum size limit so the big doormat flounder are keepers!
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Flounder, by the way, have perhaps the most tender, succulent flesh of any game fish.

How to Eat a Flounder

Intimidating to first timers, flounder are the easiest of all game fish to clean and eat! When cleaned, scaled and baked whole, the upper side of flounder meat comes right off the bone with a fork, then the entire skeleton peels right off in one piece, leaving you the second half to enjoy.
For a simple, world class seafood dish, slice through and under the top half of the flounder meat and stuff with crabmeat or shrimp, butter, seasonings and breadcrumbs before baking. (Lots of great Stuffed Flounder recipes on the internet)

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