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Lady and children Inshore fishing for redfish

Inshore Fishing Charters in Daytona Beach with Captain Ron and Tightline Fishing Charters.

If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing fishing trip with plenty of natural Florida scenery to enjoy, an inshore fishing trip in Daytona Beach with Captain Ron is just what you’re looking for!

Captain Ron specializes in inshore fishing charters on the beautiful Halifax River just minutes from Daytona Beach. The Halifax River runs through Daytona Beach on its way to Ponce Inlet and is the center of inshore fishing action in the Daytona Beach area.

Here’s what Inshore Fishing in Daytona Beach has to offer!

A happy angler with a redfish caught on an inshore fishing trip in Daytona Beach

√ A Fun fishing experience.

Whether it’s a relaxing fishing trip catching whatever is biting on the river that day or a thrilling fight with a big bull redfish during the annual redfish run, an inshore fishing trip on the Halifax River is always a lot of fun!

A wide variety of saltwater species live in the brackish waters of the Halifax River including Redfish, Black Drum, Mangrove Snapper, Flounder, Snook, Sheepshead, Speckled Trout, Jack Crevalle and even Sharks!  In Spring and Summer, Spanish Mackerel and even Barracuda and King Mackerel will enter the Halifax River through Ponce Inlet.

In Autumn, Captain Ron’s inshore fishing trips in Daytona Beach target the schools of huge Bull Redfish that come through Ponce Inlet during the annual Autumn  Redfish Run.

A young girl with a sheepshead caught on an inshore fishing trip in Daytona Beach

√ Ideal for Families and First Timers!

If you want to enjoy a fun and relaxing Florida fishing adventure with your family or friends who are new to saltwater fishing, consider an inshore fishing charter on the Halifax River with Captain Ron and Tightline Charters.

Everyone on board can experience a genuine Florida fishing adventure but without the rough ride that can often be the case whenever you’re out in the ocean in a small boat. Sudden thunderstorms and sea sickness are not a problem on the calm waters of an inshore fishing trip!

On the Halifax River, we’ll be fishing for some of the same hard fighting saltwater fish that live in the ocean such as Redfish and Black Drum but we get to fish for the younger ‘keeper size’ juveniles.

Besides Redfish and Black Drum, there are plenty of other exceptionally good tasting saltwater species to catch on an inshore fishing trip on the Halifax River including Flounder, Mangrove Snapper and Speckled Trout.

There are sharks to catch in the Halifax River as well, especially in the Summer. They are usually smaller species such as Shovel Head Sharks and Atlantic Sharpnosed Sharks but a real thrill to catch, especially for families with kids!

√ Beautiful Peaceful Scenery!

The Halifax River is a coastal river that runs for 25 miles parallel to the Atlantic coast before emptying into the ocean at Ponce Inlet. There are miles of pristine mangrove lined shorelines along the river as well as some of the most beautiful waterfront homes in Florida. Peaceful, unspoiled creeks and marshes empty into the river along the way.

The impressive Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, at the mouth of the Halifax River is the tallest lighthouse in Florida and the second tallest lighthouse in the country.

√ Exotic Florida Wildlife!

The Halifax River is home to dolphins, manatees, sea turtles and a wide variety of exotic waterbirds and raptors including ospreys, hawks and eagles. Depending on where you are on the river, will determine what you’re likely to see. Closer to the ocean, dolphins and sea turtles enter the Halifax River from the Atlantic Ocean at Ponce Inlet. Further up the river, the water is less salty and makes for ideal manatee habitat although manatees have been seen all the way to Ponce Inlet.

You never know what you’ll see on an inshore fishing trip along the Halifax River with Captain Ron but you’ll be fishing in some great Florida wildlife habitat.

Fishing inshore for redfish on the Halifax River in Daytona Beach
Lady with a big speckled trout she caught while inshore fishing
Girl with a black drum she caught while inshore fishing
Man with a black drum he caught while inshore fishing in Daytona Beach

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