About Redfish

Tightline Fishing Charters Specializes in Fishing for Big Bull Redfish

Planning a Fishing Charter in Daytona Beach targeting Redfish? Catching that big trophy bull redfish on a fishing charter with Captain Ron and Tightline Fishing Charters may be the most memorable fishing trip of a lifetime.  Here’s the background on this extremely popular fish!

What’s in a Name?

Red Drum: Sciaenops ocellatus
Commonly known as ‘Redfish’ or just ‘Reds’
Also known as Channel Bass, Spottails or Red Bass

Redfish get their name from their distinctive dark reddish color which fades to white on the fish’s underside. They are easily identified by the black ‘eyespot’ near the tail. There may be a single eyespot or multiple eyespots but Redfish without any spots at all are extremely rare. Sometimes these spots form a beautiful pattern that does not go unnoticed by anglers that love to catch these incredible fish.

Redfish are also commonly called “Red Drum”.  Like their cousin, the “Black Drum”, they often make a “drumming” sound when removed from the water. This drumming sound is produced by muscles rubbing against an inflated air bladder. In the water, male Redfish make this drumming sound to attract females.

Where Are Redfish Found?

Redfish are found in all states bordering the Gulf of Mexico and along the Atlantic coast as far north as Massachusetts. In Florida, Redfish are one of the most popular species targeted by recreational fishermen and fishing charters. They inhabit inshore and nearshore waters throughout the state and can be caught many miles offshore.

Spawning takes place in late summer and fall near inlets such as Ponce Inlet near Daytona Beach and in passes such as those found between Florida’s many barrier islands. Juvenile Redfish live in coastal estuarine waters such as the Halifax River basin and the Intracoastal Waterway near Daytona Beach until they are mature at about four years of age. At maturity, male Redfish are about 28″ in length and females are about 33″ in length.

Once they reach maturity, male and female Redfish migrate through the inlets and passes into nearshore and offshore waters. These mature Redfish, including the big “bull” Redfish we all love to catch, can be caught nearshore along jetties and on nearshore artificial reefs such as those just off the shores of Daytona Beach. They can also be caught further offshore including the many offshore artificial reefs near Daytona Beach as well as natural ledges and rocky outcroppings. Redfish, juveniles and mature, love man made structures. They thrive around a wide variety of structures from bridge pilings and docks inshore to artificial reefs and even oil rigs many miles offshore.

October through November, mature bull Redfish can be caught on inshore fishing charters near Daytona Beach!

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How Big Do Redfish Get?

Redfish can live up to 60 years and reach over 90 pounds in weight.  The world record for a Redfish is 94 pounds, 2 ounces. It was caught near Cape Hatteras in North Carolina. In Florida, the record for a Redfish is 52 lb 5 oz, caught near Cocoa in Brevard County not far from Daytona Beach.

Bull Redfish caught on Daytona Beach fishing trips with Captain Ron typically run 20 to 40 pounds.
(Captain Ron will do his best to help you break the state record on your fishing trip!)

Keep in mind that these big bull Redfish are “Catch and release” only. They are the “breeders” and their successful release back into the water, healthy and strong, is necessary to insure plenty of Redfish for future generations of anglers to enjoy. Juvenile Redfish qualify as “Keepers” as long as they are within “slot size”.

Whether you’re seeking a trophy fish or just want to have a good time fishing,
Captain Ron offers fun and exciting fishing charters in Daytona Beach!

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