Autumn Redfish Run

Tightline Fishing Charters Specializes in Fishing for Big Bull Redfish

Autumn Redfish Run at Ponce Inlet!
October through November is Prime Time for catching Big Bull Redfish at Ponce Inlet near Daytona Beach!

Schools of Bull Redfish enter Ponce Inlet in October!

From October through November, as summer turns to autumn in Central Florida, schools of Atlantic mullet, a favorite food of Redfish, begin streaming through Ponce Inlet near Daytona Beach. Hungry Big Bull Redfish, found offshore and widespread most of the year, follow the mullet through Ponce Inlet where they are within easy reach of fishermen who know how to catch them like Captain Ron of Tightline Fishing Charters.

Big Bull Redfish can be readily caught just inside Ponce Inlet and even up the Halifax River as they chase after the mullet schools. The mullet schools also run along the coast and good fishing for these trophy Redfish can be found nearshore to about a mile off the coast.

These beautiful, hard-fighting Bull Reds are typically 20 to 40 pounds in size and are among the most sought after trophy fish in all of Florida! Catching one of these big Bull Redfish is truly an exciting experience that will leave you with lifelong memories of a great fishing adventure and even some extraordinary trophy photos.  Even though there are plenty of “Keeper” size redfish to catch, the big bulls are “Catch and Release”.

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More than just Redfish!

Other species are following the mullet schools through Ponce Inlet too! Even when targeting Redfish with an experienced fishing guide like Captain Ron, you may encounter other species as well. During the autumn Redfish run at Ponce Inlet, Jack Crevalle, Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel and even Sharks can be taken as they pass through the inlet. Inside the inlet, the mangrove lined shoreline is habitat for Speckled Trout (Spotted Sea Trout) and Snook. You may even qualify for bragging rights to a Florida Inshore Grand Slam by catching a Redfish, Snook and Speckled Trout all in the same day!

The Redfish has it all!

Redfish! Exciting to catch, delicious to eat, easy to reach and hard to forget!

Exciting to Catch!
Famed for their hard fighting ability when hooked, Redfish make powerful runs. A big bull Redfish can strip 100 to 150′ of line in a single run. The fight to land a Redfish can last from a thrilling, heart-pounding 10 minutes to as long as an hour for a big bull Redfish that will test your endurance and give you the angling fight of a lifetime.

Delicious to Eat!
The Redfish as good table fare is legendary. The tender, flakey meat of Redfish is among the best tasting of any fish you can catch. “Blackened’ fish dishes, now common in the best seafood restaurants around the country, all began with “blackened redfish” in Louisiana’s Cajun restaurants in the 1980s. Regulation size “Keepers” are the most tender and delicious!

Easy to Reach!
No other sought after species is as widespread in Florida as the Redfish. Found along the coast, from Pensacola and Jacksonville all the way down to the Keys, Redfish thrive inshore and nearshore and can even be caught miles offshore. No wonder Redfish are one of Florida’s most popular and best known catches! When fishing for big bull Redfish with Captain Ron in Daytona Beach, his prime fishing spot at Ponce Inlet is just 5 miles from the boat launch.

Hard to Forget!
If you’ve never seen or caught a Redfish before, catching a trophy sized bull Redfish will make memories that will last a lifetime. And when you’re looking for a fun filled fishing trip in Daytona Beach, no fishing guide has more experience catching big bull Redfish than Captain Ron of Tightline Fishing Charters!

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Fishing for Redfish is for Everyone!

Whether you’re an experienced angler or have never fished before, fishing for Redfish is lots of fun for everyone. Captain Ron caters to anglers of all ages and experience levels.

Morning and Afternoon Fishing Trips are Available!

You don’t have to get up before dawn to have a successful fishing trip in Daytona Beach with Captain Ron. Fishing trips targeting Redfish are available twice a day, from 7am to 11am for morning fishing trips and from noon to 4pm for afternoon fishing trips. Redfish are hungry all day long!

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