Fishing Report 5/13/24

The winds are still keeping a lot of the smaller boats close to shore with some of those reefs holding nice sand trout and weakfish. Fairly aggressive feeders when schooling these fish are fairly easy to catch. Depending on the tide you can use a 10lb line with a 15lb mono leader with a 1 oz sliding sinker and a #2 circle hook. They are easy to spot once you’re on the reefs because they will school from the bottom sometime up 20 feet from the bottom. There are mixed bags of sheepshead and a few flounder showing up as well. In recent weeks there have been lots of large bluefish that can easily bite through the smaller mono leaders. If you get on them, they are lots of fun but you will need to up your leader size or maybe a flexible wire leader. While these are not typically a targeted fish, they are a hard fighting fish. You will have to handle carefully when landing so not to end up like the bait.

The Halifax River around the bridges and docks early morning and evening are still providing some nice snook for those with the right tackle and bait. Croakers costing $2.50 to $3.00 each depending on which bait shop may have them is a great snack for fish. You will for sure have to up your tackle for these. A spinning reel in the 6500 to 8500 class with 50lb braid and 80lb mono leader should do the trick. I you don’t turn their head when they first hit it usually doesn’t matter. Once they get in the pilings its most times game over.

The offshore is showing a lot mango snapper and lane snapper. Of course there is always Red Snapper. Mahi are showing up for the guys trolling and some of the reefs are holding some nice grouper.

Captain Ron Hatcher
Tightline Fishing Charters

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