The last couple weeks in Daytona Beach winds have made it challenging on the offshore for many, but the guys that are able to make it out are reporting hefty red snapper, cobia, mangrove and lane snapper. Live baits do the trick every time but chunk bait, sardines and squid are great if you’re a hungry fish. There are No doubt some huge sharks outside right now, a report from Capt. Jim Ross in Rockledge showed a pic of a what appeared to have been a five footer bitten clean off at the dorsal. There is always a bigger one somewhere.

The jetties has its fair share of sharks as well, but there are some nice redfish, black drum and sheepshead around. With the recent moon making for hard running tides and the winds it’s been tough and not recommended for those without skills anchoring close to the rocks. A trolling motor an make it much easier and safer.

If you’re fishing inshore in Daytona Beach, the docks and bridges are holding some mangrove snapper. A live shrimp with as little weight as possible is helping lure them away from their shelter. A few pompano are showing up in the Daytona Beach area as well. A shrimp tipped jig is working well for those. Flounder are around the banks and creek edges, they will strike live and dead baits. More sharks, seems it’s hard to get away from them… if your bait is still and on the bottom too long, they will find you.

Go Get ’em
Captain Ron

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